Monday, July 30, 2012

Pearl Girls Of The World, Take It Up A Notch!

Pearls are timeless, classic and sophisticated.  Leave it to me to spice them up!
My sister and I went to the Bead Expo on Saturday in Fishkill, NY.  It was the first bead show I had ever attended.  It was on the small side but we had a lot of fun.  I was pretty good and didn't buy a whole lot!  I was trying to be smart with my limited funds.  My eye was caught by this large oval pearl strand.  It turned out to be made of shell but it totally looks like pearl.  I bought one strand.  To go with it, I got an 8mm round strand made of shell as well.  Then I remembered this costume bracelet I have been wanting to remake and it was made with 8mm faux pearls. The faux pearls were yellow and old looking and the bracelet was tight on me.  The clasp on that bracelet is to die for!  I absolutely love it and certainly have been wanting to wear it.  So, I bought another strand of the 8mm shell pearls to remake the bracelet.  I was so excited about the pearls, even though I was exhausted when I got home, I sat and made the necklace and the bracelet that night.  Pearl girl to the max! What's that phrase?  Go big or go home?

Bracelet closeups

Here you can see two of the three faux diamond separator bars. 
As if the bracelet needed more bling!  Doesn't bother me.

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for more creativity!

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