Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crazy Nails

I might have a new obsession- decorating my nails. Look at the wild and crazy nails I am sporting now. What you see is called Kiss Nail Dress Jeweled Strips and the style is Gown.  I got them at Harmon Beauty Supplies.  Aren't they funky!

They aren't flat. In fact, they are bumpy!  You can see it in this pic.

These jeweled strips are different than the Sally Hansen nail strips I posted about recently.  These are more like stickers than nail polish.  These jeweled strips are removed by carefully peeling off which I hope will go well when I'm ready to take them off.  Speaking of removal, I promised to give an update on how the removal of the Sally Hansen strips went.  It was actually really easy.  I just used nail polish remover.  I mentioned previously that I saw some online reviews that said they were hard to remove, but I totally disagree.  They were about as easy to remove as removing normal nail polish.  The Sally Hansen strips felt exactly like regular nail polish when on.  However, the Kiss jeweled strips are bulkier which is to be expected due to its dimension.  I am conscious that they are on my nails.  Probably because they are more like stickers sticking on my nails than nail polish dried on.  Does that make sense? But, they don't bother me and they are fun to look at.  Oh and I put a little bit of clear nail polish on the ends of my nails because I felt like the edges needed to be sealed better.  There's another one that I want to try, called Bling Nails made by Nail Bliss.  I want my nails to look like they have diamonds embedded in them and they have one that should do the trick.  Hee, hee, hee. 

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for more creativity! 

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