Monday, April 2, 2012

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

The same is true for design and decoration.  It would be great if when a design idea popped into our minds, we could snap our fingers and the object of our desire would just appear. Boy, wouldn't that be nice!  Since that doesn't exist, we have choices.  We can search high and low to find something that fits or nearly fits, we can choose something else when we can't find it or we can make it ourselves.  Sometimes, I think I have found the one but when I get it into the space, it doesn't work.  Other times luck steps in and when I'm not even looking, I happen upon the perfect thing. 

I am a visualist by nature and that is why, as you have seen from earlier posts, that when I am planning something I often map it out first or create a visual.  Case in point, the diorama I made for my new apartment. Now in the days of online shopping, one doesn't get to see or experience an object in person but rather has to extrapolate color, dimension and texture into a mental picture and then base purchasing decisions on that information. After awhile of online shopping, a person gets a sense of how the online picture will translate into real life and is better able to discern between good picks and bad picks.  I know that for me, I had to order some duds before getting used to ordering well online.  I think a big part of the motivation is to avoid the return process and costs. But I digress.

When I was searching for items for my bedroom, some I had to search high and low for and some I just found by sheer dumb luck.

When I first moved into my new bedroom, I was using a lamp that really belonged in my living room, an old cheap side table from my previous abode and whatever bedding I had even if it clashed.  That is what a person does when they first move to a new place.  It takes time to put the pieces together. 

On one of my many strolls through Home Goods, I happened upon these cool mirrored side tables.  They were the right size and height, they had a small drawer and some cabinet space, but I wasn't sure if I wanted mirrored or just white tables, etc.  UNTIL, while standing right in front of them, a family came and almost pushed me out the way to get at the tables.  Well, gut instinct took over and I knew right then and there that I could not part with them.  The decision was made. Much better already!

I then focused on bedding. I searched tons and tons of websites, stores and catalogues.  I wanted a long white full bed skirt so I bought one online.  I tried white comforters with bold designs, I tried gold quilted coverlets and hated them all.  I thought I was going to have to settle or make my own but I couldn't find fabric either.  I found this gold damask duvet and a white coverlet from Bed Bath and Beyond and it was just okay.  It was good enough for my house warming party.

The transformation is starting but I still wasn't satisfied.  I was bored one day and decided to go to Burlington Coat Factory.  They have a bedding section, who knew?  I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this comforter set.  And it was so cheap!

It looks as though I have a thing for interlocking circles.  Isn't that much better?  Btw, the headboard when installed on the wall will be higher than it is now.  Now if only I could find the right lamps and get rid of the temporary ones.  Here, I've cut out pictures from the Internet of possible lamps and pasted them on the wall above the side table.  Visuals.

Here are the ones that won!  I'm so happy with them! I got them from

While I was blinging up the room, I added a red crystal finial from ebay.

That's it for the this post on the red bedroom evolution.  More to come.

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for more creativity!

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  1. I like the way you show the evolution of your bedroom. What a great find at Burlington. I've always enjoyed a casual stroll through it. You never know what you may find. You gave us such a great idea by taping up some cutouts onto the wall. It really helps to imagine what it could look like. Did you play darts and the one that got the most hits won? just kidding. Thanks for sharing!