Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Got The Whole World In My Hands

A proper study needs a proper globe, don't you think?  How about a globe with a modern twist?  In order to visualize the "study", I must remind you of what it will look like eventually.  For more detail you can read my previous post "I Have A Dream".

Note the purple wall, the desk is in the middle under the two pendant lights in the sketch.  On the right wall I have placed my painted cabinet which I am going to modify to reduce some of the red. I previously posted about the hand painted cabinet.

In between the painted cabinet and the back wall where the built-ins will be, I have stationed the study globe. 

As with the shadow box that I used for my fabulous red chandelier wall art, the globe came from one of my former colleague's old office.  Apparently, people moving offices is a great way to get really cool finds. The globe was very traditional looking because it had a dark mahogany wood stand.  I gave the stand a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore's Super White and to the metal arches attached to the globe, a silver acrylic paint-over (though this picture doesn't show the silver over the goldish metal arch around the top of the globe) and now I have a modern looking globe for my "Study"! 

All I have to do is spin the globe for full effect!
I have it on the U.S. because I'm egocentric, I guess.

Doesn't it look great against Benjamin Moore's Gentle Violet?  If I had left it dark wood, it wouldn't have worked in the space because the walls are dark enough for the both of them.  Besides, I am going with the theme of white/light furniture against the vibrant colors.  And I love the fact that it was a reclaimed item. Instead of going into the garbage, it has now been recycled and reused.  I get some personal satisfaction of being able to do that.

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for more creativity!

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