Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Airing My Dirty Laundry

I will admit that my laundry piles up a little too much.  I tend to save it up and do a lot of laundry at once.  I think this would be different if I had my own washing machine and dryer in my unit.  I have to say that in the building I live in, the laundry room is very nice.  Still, getting around to doing it, sigh.  

I have these laundry bags that I use to divide up the types of laundry.  Until tonight, they were hanging on the knobs of my closet door.  Now, they have their own little concealed cubby in my closet.  My closet has sections which I inherited.  I like the sections.  One section on the bottom right had clothes for spring and summer.  Above it was the section of clothes I will one day be able to wear again.  Obviously if I could wear those, I would.  Since I can't, why have them take up a whole section of my closet.  I grabbed some large space bag vacuum seal bags that I had lying around and transferred my dream clothes into the bags.  Then I put them on the top shelf of my closet.  I then took my spring summer clothes and moved them to the top section.  The bottom right section was ready.  I went to Home Depot and found these cool single robe hooks so I bought four of them.  They were exceedingly cheap but nice.  So tonight, I got around to installing them.

I marked the two holes for the screws using a pencil and then pre-drilled the holes to make is easier to screw into the wood and wall.  The closet sections have pieces of wood attached to the section walls in order to secure the clothing rods.  I didn't need to use wall anchors.  I installed all four and hung up my laundry bags.  Such a simple solution to hide dirty laundry!  It took no time at all to install the four hooks.  It took a little while to take all the clothes off of the hangers and to put them into the space bags.  Space bags are really awesome, as long as they stay sealed tight.  They are great when storing pillows and comforters because they really shrink a lot when the air is taken out of them.  Just saying.  You can buy them at places like Bed Bath and Beyond.

I might be able to do more with the space, time will tell. By the way, who lets you see into their closet, I ask you?!  You can only see the two front bags, but there are two other hooks towards the back of the closet.

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for more creativity!


  1. I'm impressed! You're a regular Home Improvement person. Certainly more handy than me!