Monday, November 12, 2012

Pure As The Driven Snow

The Nor'easter that came our way last week, brought with it a lot more snow than I had expected.   The snow was light and fluffy.  I got so excited that I had to take some pictures.  I was hoping to capture some snowflakes with the camera but even though I didn't get perfect little snowflakes, I did get some really cool shots of snow crystals.

Not bad for a Canon point and shoot, eh?  I think this calls for another haiku!

Twist and drift and fall
Tiny crystals connecting
White cold and perfect
So the next day, there was snow all over the place and the fall leaves were falling from the sky onto the white snow.  I wanted to stop and take a picture along the way, but I was rushing to get to the train station.  The snow covered trees still had green leaves on them.  Now that's something you don't see every day!

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for more creativity!

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