Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot.

In my post Office Space I showed you the metal circle wall hanging that I am going to be putting up in my office at work. I had gotten so far as to spray paint the piece white.  Here's a reminder of what it looks like.

The next step was to get matte board large enough to fill the circles.  I got really lucky at A.C. Moore.  They had really large silver matte board and after a few attempts at tracing the circles on the back of the board so that I could use just one board, I was able to make it work.  I initially forgot that because I was tracing on the wrong side of the board, when I turned the board over, the shape would be reversed.  Thank god, I figured that out before I started cutting!  Don't they look like warped Mickey Mouse heads?

Next step was to remove those candle holders hanging in most of the circles by hinges.  I thought I could somehow hammer out the hinge pins and the holder would come right off.  Well, I thought wrong.  Then, I got out my jewelry saw which came in so handy before, but alas, there wasn't enough room to use that tool either.  I will admit, I was getting frustrated.  Then I decided to try brute force and it worked!  I took the holders one by one and bent them forward and back - over and over - until finally, the metal weakened and the holder came off of the hinge.  I messed up my paint job and my hands were killing me afterwards, but off they were! 

Here is the new and improved metal circle photo collage on its way to being awesome!

Get the picture?  I went back to A.C. Moore and bought a bunch of white photo mattes in various sizes and my next task is to cut out the holes in the silver matte board for the individual white photo mattes.  I have picked out most of the photos I am going to display.  Don't you think it's going to look great?  Only trouble is, I will have to carry the metal wall hanging on my shoulder down the street to the Metro North train stop and find a seat where I can put this thing and then carry it through Grand Central to my building.  Luckily, my building isn't far at all and I figure I'll take a less crowded train so less people will look at me like I have five heads.  I will have to assemble at work.  It's going to be worth the pain though! 

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for more creativity!

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  1. How about going into the office on a Saturday or Sunday when the trains are less crowded.