Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Sometimes projects take longer than expected to be completed.  Life gets in the way and interests shift.  That might explain my temporary disappearance on here, but really that doesn't mean I haven't been creative for the last few months.  No, it just means that I've been thinking and planning and completing less.  However, I did finally finish decorating my office at work.  As a follow up to two previous posts on the same subject, Circle, circle, dot, dot. and Office Space, I have done just about everything I would do in an office space that isn't at home.  The biggest project I gave myself was the wall photo collage.  If you recall, I purchased a dark brown metal wall hanging from Home Goods.  The wall hanging has interlocking circles and before I ripped them off mostly with my bare hands, had candle holders on hinges at the bottom of the circles.  I spray painted the remaining wall hanging white and proceeded to cut out silver matte boards to fill the background of the wall hanging.  I purchased from A.C. Moore white picture matte boards in various sizes and cut out sections of the larger silver matte board to accommodate them.  Let me tell you, that was not easy!  And by no means did it come out perfect.  But, I think it looks cool.  

Back to the rest of the office for a moment... Remember, the cool clock I got from Home Goods?

 I also got some vases and a really cool hourglass.  I love hourglasses!  I learned my lesson from David Bromstad of Color Splash, group things in odd numbers.  Either one item, three or five.

I already put up a series of three photos that I took and a really cool faux succulent planter that I painted white (also from Home Goods). 

Putting it all together!
For the photo collage, instead of pictures of flowers and such that I've taken and which I already have on the wall to the left, I decided that I would pick some of my favorite and most happy memories of places I have visited. When I look up at my photo collage which is directly over my desk, I am transported to those special places once again and I feel happy.
And now for the final reveal of the photo collage!

Okay, so I know that it is a little hard to see the pictures clearly but..... 
Bottom left - California coastline near Big Sur off of Pacific Highway 1
Middle left - Ghost Tree along 17 mile drive in CA (right near the famous lone cypress which was a great picture too, but this one won)
Top left - Building facade in Old San Juan, PR
Middle right - The Palace Riu Hotel in Aruba from my balcony overlooking the fabulous pool with the ocean as a backdrop!  Palace Riu take me away!
Top right - Pretty mysterious gate leading into a lush green garden in Nantucket, MA
Bottom right - Close up of tiny pink flowers covering or rather carpeting the rocks and moss along the coastline of Lover's Point in Pebble Beach CA.  I hadn't and probably never will again see anything like it! 

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for more creativity!!!


  1. I came across your blog on Google! What a great idea for a picture frame. So creative and I love the way you put pictures from happy trips. I definitely feel inspired.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments!

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