Sunday, June 3, 2012

Unwanted House Guests

For the second year in a row, and I'm assuming for every year to come, a mother wasp has decided that my terrace railing makes a great place to nest.  She then starts making a honey comb like structure by first attaching it to the underside of my railing.  The mother wasp lays her larvae, one in each comb and I guess waits for them to hatch.  Well, usually I don't mind house guests, but there is no way I am going to share my terrace with a family of wasps!  I'm sorry mother nature, but I pay the mortgage! 

I don't know if I was terrified or just really nervous.  The thought of having to make contact with either the wasp or the nest, kind of freaked me out.  But since I am the "man" of the house, what choice did I have.  I got my long dish washing gloves, my yard stick, a really heavy magazine and some plastic bags.  Standing as far back as possible, I took the yard stick and knocked the wasp to the ground and then swooped in with the magazine and swat!  Goodnight gracie!  My heart was pounding with the adrenaline rush.  Lord knows what crazy sounds I must have been making but first part was done.  Now for step two.  That nest was really stuck on there, so I had to grab some paper towel. I wrapped the paper towel around the nest and pulled it off with gloved hands.  Squeaking and squirming the whole way.  I looked inside the "combs" and they were all full!  I put the nest in two plastic bags and stomped!  I then put it all in another plastic bag and threw it down the garbage chute.  Phew!  That was last year! 

Today, I found another one.  Long story short, I took care of it, but managed to break my screen door's handle when I thought the wasp was after me and I ran into the house!  Looks like a trip to Home Depot is imminent. Don't think I didn't take a moment, after it was all over, to be awed by the amazing nest and wonder how long or even how that wasp accomplished such a marvel.  Till next year! (sigh) 

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for more "drama"!

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