Sunday, February 26, 2012

A break from job searching

Hello again.  I'm currently job searching but I feel I did a lot today and need a break, so post number 2. 

I bought a one bedroom coop not too long ago and decided that I wanted to really to make the place my own.  Especially after living in a studio for 13 years.  I wanted bold colors on the wall instead of being surrounded by white walls like before.  I wanted to turn around and see things that made me happy.  During the buying process, I decided I would have painting done before I moved in so I had to map everything out.  You may laugh, but I ended up making a diorama.

I even used paint samples and painted the walls.  And tried out furniture placement and rug choices.

So I didn't buy the rugs yet, but I was thinking of those.  Oh and I would like to get a flat screen TV for that wall across from the couch with a white electric fireplace mantel underneath.  One day! 

So, paint colors.... While watching Sex in the City first movie, I fell insanely in love with the beautiful blue paint used on the walls of Carrie's redesigned apartment. 

I went on a search to find who the set designer was, I even got a hold of his number and left him a message.  I told you - insane.  Needless to say, I never heard from him.  But he gave an interview which I found online and apparently I wasn't the only one asking so he mentioned the color was closest to Benjamin Moore's Electric Blue.  The color is gorgeous and changes in the light.  Then I found a purple that would look good next to the blue - Benjamin Moore's Gentle Violet.  Here are some more pictures to illustrate.

As you can see, I went bold.  It's been a year and a half and I still love the colors!  BUT, wait until you see what I picked in the bedroom.  I wanted red ruby walls and I searched high and low to find the right red to no avail.  I finally asked the mixing expert at Janovic to try to match a rolo red cup.  I know what you must be thinking but its my vision.  The mix master came through with a red sample which I then dubbed "impossible red" because it was impossible to find.  And for all of you naysayers out there, while picking up the paint several people noticed the swatch I was holding and asked which color that was.  Anyway, let me first show you my inspiration for the red room before I show you what it looks like now.

Okay, so I'm not quite there yet, but here is a bit of my red bedroom.  As you can see, I have had my ceiling painted metallic gold and what is really missing is the white crown molding.  Here I have taped up some paper to see what it will look like and to try out different thicknesses.  See how the white molding makes the ceiling reflect differently.  Alas, I am not able to have the work done yet, but it will be fantastic when its done.  I might even do something more like the picture above.  Not sure.  BTW, do you see the orbs in the picture?  I get those sometimes.  What do you think, ghosts?

Okay, one more area to discuss.  This post will make future posts make more sense.  I have a "dining area" and I wanted to keep it white since all of the other walls were bold.  But white doesn't mean it has to be plain.  Okay, so before I moved in, I had the walls painted white and I had a chair rail put in.  Above the chair rail will be least one day.  Here are a few visuals for the dining room. The chair is from homegoods. I love them and I love homegoods! Hey, just remember, everything is a work in progress.

Need a new table!

Thanks for stopping by again and stay tuned for more creativity! 

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